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Birthday T-Shirt

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These darling first, second, and third birthday T-shirts are as comfy as they are cute. The first birthday shirt features thin blue and white stripes and a little hand-crocheted yellow one on the chest. The second birthday shirt features thin orange and white stripes and a little hand-crocheted blue two on the chest. The third birthday shirt features thin yellow and white stripes and a little hand-crocheted orange three on the chest. They are the perfect match with Albetta's Birthday Bunny Stuffed Toys. Made in Vietnam in an Ethical Trade Initiative–certified facility.

Want to pair this with a book? Try Carl's Birthday by Alexandra Day (1995).

Material: 100% cotton

Care: Machine wash cold

Size: 1–2 years (1st Birthday): 31–34 inches, 22–29 pounds; 2–3 years (2nd Birthday): 34–36 inches, 27–31 pounds; 3–4 years (3rd Birthday)

Albetta creates beautifully designed children’s clothing and toys while prioritizing people and the environment. Albetta’s products are made in Vietnam in a factory that complies with the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI), providing fair wages and free from exploitation and discrimination. Albetta also values sustainability, embracing recycling and repurposing efforts and sourcing Better Cotton Initiative cotton, which promotes sustainable and ethical cotton cultivation.

We source all of our products from small fair trade organizations and brands that prioritize their employees and the Earth over their bottom line.
We believe in the value of books, play, and early literacy. That's why we have created a collection of heirloom toys and classic and contemporary picture books lovingly curated by our resident children's librarian.
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