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Design Dua

Bilia Bassinet Bedding


This adorable piqué cotton liner and waterproof sheet are made for use with Design Dua’s Bilia Bassinet.

Want to pair this with a book? Try "More, More, More," Said the Baby by Vera B. Williams (1990).

Material: 100% cotton

Care: Machine washable

Size: Fits the Bilia Bassinet (29 x 16 inches)

Founded by Coretta Owusu—a lawyer, advocate, and entrepreneur working in the United States and West Africa—Design Dua shares the beauty of African design with the world by giving local artisans the opportunity to benefit from their art. Design Dua works with a cooperative of basket weavers in Ghana, establishing fixed pricing guidelines for all products (a 50% or higher increase over weavers’ previous profits); providing training, benefits, and access to materials for its artisans; and bringing awareness about fair compensation to local weavers outside of the cooperative.

Most importantly, all Design Dua baskets and accessories are safe for your baby. The Bilia Bassinet bedding is made of 100% cotton and fitted with a stretchy elastic rim to secure it to the basket and mattress. The inner lining should always be used if the basket will be used for daily naps or overnight sleep.

For full product safety information and how-to instructions, please visit

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