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Founded by Coretta Owusu—a lawyer, advocate, and entrepreneur working in the United States and West Africa—Design Dua shares the beauty of African design with the world by giving local artisans the opportunity to benefit from their art. Design Dua works with a cooperative of basket weavers in Ghana, establishing fixed pricing guidelines for all products (a 50% or higher increase over weavers’ previous profits); providing training, benefits, and access to materials for its artisans; and bringing awareness about fair compensation to local weavers outside of the cooperative.
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Bilia Bassinet Bedding
Changing Basket Cover Liner and Sheet
Midnight Cross Changing Basket
Ark Bassinet
Natural Bilia Bassinet with Vegan Handles
Midnight Diamond Bilia Bassinet
Midnight Cross Bilia Bassinet
Natural Bilia Bassinet with Tan Handles